Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional Program

Organizations are becoming multi generational and this requires a new skill set in all Leaders & Supervisors. That skill set is about using a combination of Coaching & Mentoring to lead and manage a multi generational workforce. Leaders are expected to be builders and leaders of communities with a hybrid team structure that has shared leadership and powers. Given the VUCA Business environment Leaders are required to adapt their style & skills in tune with the needs of managing the Business in a VUCA environment and for new leaders to develop coaching & mentoring skills for leading in a VUCA environment.

The Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional program is focused on helping participants understand Coaching & mentoring, the differences between coaching & mentoring, skills & competencies required for each, behaviors & practices, identifying strengths & development areas and developing & managing a coaching and mentoring program.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to define Coaching & Mentoring and factors supporting a the required Culture
  • Learn research-based models and best practices for understanding and managing coaching & mentoring
  • Learn to diagnose gaps and build interventions to facilitate the change towards Coaching & Mentoring
  • Learn about strategies and interventions to understand and manage the transition
  • Learn to understand behaviors that support and block coaching & mentoring
  • Learn about how people react and how to manage the emotions during coaching & mentoring
  • Learn to partner with Leaders to build a business case for Coaching & Mentoring and develop relevant action plans (Practitioner Level)
  • Learn to build a Coaching & Mentoring ready organization with the relevant competencies, a culture with the required beliefs/ values/mindset for Coaching & Mentoring(Practitioner Level)

Target Audience

  • Business Leaders and Managers – who want to meet have a Coaching & Mentoring culture to achieve their organizational business goals and increase the effectiveness.
  • Human Resource Professionals – who want to roll out Coaching & Mentoring Initiatives
  • Organization Development Specialists – who want to assess the current state, identify the gaps, develop interventions to fix the gaps to build and sustain Coaching & Mentoring initiatives
  • Learning & Development Professionals – who want to learn how to identify and develop capability for Coaching & Mentoring
  • Independent Coaches and Consultants – who want to partner with clients to facilitate a Coaching & Mentoring Project
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