Certified Diversity & Inclusion Professional Program

Certified Diversity & Inclusion Professional Program

Diversity & Inclusion has been on the priority lists of CEOS & CHROs for a long time now and several efforts are being taken to make D&I a part of the DNA of the organizations. What began with a focus on gender diversity has broadened to include a range of factors and the question is whether there has been any progress in the D&I journey of organizations because of the efforts so far. While we can say that there has been progress, we can see that organizations are still struggling across a spectrum of issues from increasing diversity to creating a culture of inclusion at work.

The Certified Diversity & Inclusion Professional program is focused on helping participants learn how to define Diversity & Inclusion, understand stereotypes, learn the four cornerstones of diversity, learn about behaviors that support and block D&I, learn about the pitfalls related to D&I, learn how to implement D&I Programs and embed in the culture of the organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to define Diversity & Inclusion and factors supporting a D&I Culture
  • Learn research-based models and best practices for understanding and managing D&I
  • Learn to diagnose D&I gaps and build interventions to facilitate the change
  • Learn to understand stereotypes, behaviours that support and block diversity & inclusion
  • Learn to partner with Leaders to build a business case for D&I and develop relevant action plans
  • Learn about unconscious biases, stereotypes and prejudices that impact D&I and apply the principles of Neuroscience to facilitate D&I in your organization
  • Learn to build Leadership capacity in Managers & Leaders to lead D&I Programs and encourage dialogues & facilitations to nurture a culture of D&I across the organization
  • Learn to build a D&I Culture by helping teams to overcome cross-cultural and virtual barriers, promote acceptance and awareness in your organization to help create a multicultural environment
  • Learn to identify generation gap issues, apply language that is specific to each generation currently in the workplace, and explore organization strategies that overcome gap issues
  • Learn to define acceptable behaviour in the workplace, define the types of harassment, including sexual harassment, assist in creating a harassment policy, Understand & implement the complaint process, evaluate appropriate solutions for a harassment incident and learn to handle POSH cases effectively
  • Learn to build a D&I ready organization with the relevant competencies, a D&I culture with the required beliefs/ values and employees with the right mindset

Who should attend this program?

  • Business Leaders and Managers – who want to meet their organizational business goals and increase the effectiveness by increasing Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Resource Professionals – who want to facilitate the D&I Journey for their organization
  • Organization Development Specialists – who want to assess the current state, identify the gaps, develop interventions to fix the gaps to build and sustain an D&I organization
  • Learning & Development Professionals – who want to learn how to identify and develop capability for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Independent Coaches and Consultants – who want to partner with clients to facilitate a D&I Project

Program Benefits

  • Differentiate Yourself as a Diversity & Inclusion Professional.
  • Learn from Experts, Practitioners & Industry Leaders.
  • Learn from case studies, videos and best practices.
  • Take away tools and interventions for implementation at work.
  • Learn to help your clients implement D&I Interventions.
  • Become a Certified D&I Professional and give a boost to your career.

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