Certified Experiential Organization Professional Program

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While organizations have invested a lot in increasing the effectiveness of Human Resources processes and systems, they have always come short in creating a great experience for employees inside an organization. The experiences that an employee goes through right from applying to the organization till the time of leaving have a tremendous impact on the organization both from an individual perspective and from a team perspective.

It can impact the performance of an individual and also a team, as emotionally impacted employees tends to spread the emotions within the team, impacting others. Supervisors play a leading role in ensuring positive experiences but the supervisors may not have the capability to facilitate or ensure this.
This brings the focus on employee experiences and given the range of employee challenges, organizations have no other option but to transition to becoming Experiential Organizations.

The Certified Experiential Organization Professional Program is focused on supporting the participants to assess, develop, and sustain Experiential Organizations that will have a top line and bottom line impact on the organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to define Employee Experience for your organization
  • Learn research-based models and best practices for developing Experiential Organizations
  • Learn to identify and develop Employee Experience Drivers inside an organization
  • Learn about the three different employee experience environments and how to develop and sustain them.
  • Learn to map all HR/Talent Management Processes critical for creating an Experiential Organization
  • Learn to leverage Coaching & Mentoring processes to create the perfect employee experience inside an organization
  • Learn about the nine types of organizations and its impact on the engagement levels of employees
  • Learn to develop a business case for investing in Employee Experience and establish the business value of Employee Experience
  • Learn to build an experiential organizations by using an OD Approach and by focusing on what makes your organization unique

Target Participants

  • Business Leaders and Managers – who want to meet their organizational business goals and increase the effectiveness of others by building an Experiential Organization
  • Human Resource Professionals – who want to design and sustain an Experiential Organization
  • Organization Development Specialists – who want to assess the current state, identify the gaps, develop interventions to fix the gaps to build and sustain an Experiential organization
  • Learning & Development Professionals – who want to learn how to identify and develop capability for Experiential Organizations
  • Independent Coaches and Consultants – who want to partner with clients to develop Experiential Organizations
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