Certified Diversity & Inclusion Professional Program

Diversity & Inclusion has been on the priority lists of CEOS & CHROs for a long time now and several efforts are being taken to make D&I a part of the DNA of the organizations. What began with a focus on gender diversity has broadened to include a range of factors and the question is whether there has been any progress in the D&I journey of organizations because of the efforts so far. While we can say that there has been progress, we can see that organizations are still struggling across a spectrum of issues from increasing diversity to creating a culture of inclusion at work.

The Certified Diversity & Inclusion Professional program is focused on helping participants learn how to define Diversity & Inclusion, understand stereotypes, learn the four cornerstones of diversity, learn about behaviors that support and block D&I, learn about the pitfalls related to D&I, learn how to implement D&I Programs and embed in the culture of the organization.

2019-10 -18 6:00 pm 2019-12 -27 9:00 pm Europe/London Certified Diversity & Inclusion Professional Program Online Certification Program
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