Certified OD Facilitator Program

With change being the only Constant, organizations globally are facing newer challenges and are expected to adapt to the ever changing external market, align their hard and soft elements and renew themselves internally in sync with the external changes. Organization Development has emerged as a powerful field capable of supporting organizations in this constant process of adaptation, alignment and renewal. Organization Development is focused on increasing the effectiveness and health of organizations and offers several models, tools and interventions to help OD Professionals facilitate the effectiveness and health of organizations.

The success of Organization Development depends on how the process of Organization Development is facilitated, the effective deployment of the internal and external OD consultants and how a holistic approach is taken to address individual, team and organizational challenges through Organization Development. The OD Facilitator plays this critical role of facilitating OD Processes, facilitating effective deployment of the OD Resources and facilitating a holistic OD approach is organizations. The OD Facilitator is a catalyst inside organizations energizing everyone and creating an environment of collaboration to facilitate the emergence of solutions. The OD Facilitator is an Integrator bringing together all stakeholders to diagnose the challenges and helps to design and deploy the right interventions. It is critical to understand that in the absence of an OD Facilitator, it will be difficult for organizations to launch an integrated OD intervention to facilitate change and resolve challenges.

The Certified OD Facilitator program helps participants to become effective Internal OD Facilitators and play a key role in facilitating OD Processes & Interventions, facilitate collaboration and participation of stakeholders, facilitate effective deployment of internal and external OD consultants & resources, become a catalyst of change to facilitate the emergence of OD Solutions and effectively manage the internal OD function to deliver tangible results.

2020-2-29 6:00 pm 2020-3-21 9:00 pm Europe/London Certified OD Facilitator Program Online Certification Program
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