Online Certified OD Practitioner Program

Online Certified OD Practitioner Program

  • January 22, 2022 - March 25, 2022
  • 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Online Certification Program
  • +91-9150049497

Organization Development (OD) is a rapidly growing profession globally geared to leading change and improving people, process and performance in organizations. Apart from being a profession by itself, Organization Development is a critical competency for Business Leaders, Human Resources and Learning & Development Professionals. The knowledge & skill to execute successful change strategies and increase effectiveness of organizations will make the Business/HR/L&D professionals exceptionally valuable to organizations. In the words of Matt Minahan, “Organization Development is a body of knowledge and practice that enhances organizational performance and individual development, viewing the organization as a degree of alignment.”

The Online Certified Organization Development Practitioner Program is focused on helping participants learn and practice the essential OD Skills and transition to becoming OD Practitioners at work. The program is designed to help Business/HR/L&D Professionals to add value as OD Practitioners & Change Accelerators at work.

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The CODP Program helped reinforce critical theoretical and practical concepts in OD which we sometimes take for granted. Learning is continuous.

Learning Manager

Very productive. Insightful Models. Relevant Assessments. Lots of information to study- related material Encouraging Coaching sessions

Head – Organization Development

The program has been an eye-opener for me on how one can easily structure a change in an organization and has a blend of digital and social learning.

Learning and HRBP Leader

I found the program to be very useful. It just peeled the onion on many aspects of OD and helped me to develop into even more better OD practitioner.

Head – Human Resources