Online Certified Design Thinking Practitioner Program

Design Thinking has emerged as a powerful and popular approach to helping organizations becoming successful. In addition to being the key to success for many leading organizations globally, Design Thinking has been adopted by many organizations and practitioners. Design Thinking has been able to help develop innovative and critical solutions in a rapid and disruptive way and has proven that it is not just a process but it is a new mind-set offering many approaches to apply and gain from the mind-set.

Design Thinking is a powerful approach used for creative and practical problem resolution. Even though Design Thinking has its origins from many fields, it can be used effectively in any field for developing practical and innovative solutions. Design Thinking is highly flexible and provides the flexibility to rethink and revisit what has been completed before to ensure an effective solution. Design Thinking enables collaboration between the members and brings the focus on the users. Design Thinking is a solution based approach and is a powerful approach to solve complex challenges.

Design Thinking is a human-cantered and systematic approach that helps to solve all types of problems. Design Thinking helps to approach the problems from a human perspective and helps to achieve the objective of designing innovative and relevant products, services and experiences.  The Certified Design Thinking Practitioner program helps the participants to learn the high level Design Thinking process and also learn the various phases of the Design Thinking process and gain the required Design Thinking knowledge, skills and to enhance their positive impact in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the Design Thinking Foundations and understand Design Thinking and the Design Thinking Principles.
  • Learn to develop the Design Thinking Strategy and Capability and to define an Organization’s Design Thinking Journey.
  • Learn the Design Thinking Process and the critical phases in the process.
  • Learn to discover challenges, interpret through the empathy study, understand the various tools of empathy study and perform a risk assessment.
  • Learn to generate ideas, shortlist a workable solution and perform a risk assessment.
  • Learn to develop the prototypes of a big idea, get feedback and perform a financial analysis of the solution.
  • Learn to track the success and scale the solution.
  • Learn to deploy Design Thinking for products and services and managing the experience life cycle.

Target Participants

  • Anyone interested in becoming a Design Thinking Practitioner.
  • Business Leaders and Managers
  • HR/Learning/Recruitment/OD Professionals
  • Project Managers and Leaders
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Design and Innovation practitioners
  • Research and Development Professionals
  • Agile professionals
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