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It is needless to stress the importance of talent Bench strength for any organization. The term “Bench Strength” is used in the world of sports to refer to those individuals who are being developed as the next line talent and the first string players for the team. The team knows that without this bench strength, the team becomes highly vulnerable, will fizzle out and go out of business. This will impact both the coaches and players and the team will lose their advantage and go out of the game. Having a strong bench strength is equally important for a corporate organization. The focus of the talent bench strength for an organization is focused on the attraction, development, retention, performance and succession of the talent in an organization. This requires the development and execution of a specific strategy, team, system and budgets to building the talent bench strength of the organization.

Talent Reviews form a critical part of the Talent Bench strength building process. The Talent Review is different from an Employee Performance Review and will review the performance, potential of talent linked with the future of the business. The Talent Review is a meeting of the business leaders facilitated by a Talent Review Facilitator in which information regarding the past performance, future potential of talent or those who are being considered for critical positions in the organization. The Talent Review Meeting plays a key role in supporting the succession planning, talent bench strength development and mapping of talent to critical positions in the organization for the present and future. The Talent Review Process encompasses all the critical steps required to build and sustain the talent bench strength of the organization. The Talent Review is a part of this process and will involve several components which will come together to signify the talent eco system of the organization.

The Certified Talent Review Facilitator Program will help the participants to learn the critical steps of the Talent Review Process, to facilitate the Talent Review meeting, learn the critical talent concepts, learn the Talent Review Models including the 9 Box, learn the detailed steps of the Talent Review Process right from mapping the business need to communicating the decisions & executing the decisions of the talent review process. The Certified Talent Review Facilitator program will prepare the participants to become an effective and successful Talent Review Champion with the skills to execute the Talent Review process and facilitate the Talent Review Session to meet the talent needs of their organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the business need for Talent Bench Strength including the talent dependency-addiction cycle, inputs and outputs of Talent Bench Strength, compare financial & talent processes and developing a balanced talent strategy.
  • Learn the important Talent concepts of High Potential, Successor, Talent Pool, Critical Position, Bench strength, Talent Reviews and more.
  • Learn the Talent Review Process and the various steps in the process beginning from mapping the business need to facilitating the talent review meeting to executing the decisions from the talent review meeting.
  • Learn to identify the business needs, map the core elements of the talent bench strength, identify the goals, involve the leaders, identify the talent metrics, identify the roles and responsibilities, develop the required competencies and develop a talent council.
  • Learn to assess the talent culture in your organization through an assessment, review talent needs, finds gaps, facilitate decisions for successors and high potentials, identify and set up the talent tools required for the talent review process.
  • Learn to ensure effective communication including the required elements to facilitate successful communication to all levels of the organization, build key messages, support your leaders and ensure the required communication tools.
  • Learn to facilitate the Talent Review meeting including the phases of the talent review meeting, best practices, logistics, communication, the core task of facilitating the talent review meeting and facilitating the post talent review actions.

Target Participants

  • HR and Business Leaders responsible for facilitating the Talent Review Process
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