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Emotional Intelligence has emerged as a critical skill required for individuals, teams and organizations globally. Emotional intelligence has been ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of the future. Emotional intelligence is not just for CEOs & Senior Leaders but it is critical for employees at all levels of the organization and at every level of a person’s career. The reality is that if someone wants to succeed in the workplace and move up the career ladder, Emotional Intelligence is critical to their success.

The Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach program is focused on helping participants gain the critical skills to become a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. The participants will learn what Emotional Intelligence is, what is Emotional Intelligence Coaching, how to coach others on Emotional Intelligence, how to help clients increase their emotional intelligence and become successful at work and in life. This certification program will help participants to increase their impact as a Coach, to widen the areas of their coaching expertise, to add Emotional Intelligence Coaching to their coaching practice and to strengthen their profile as an accomplished Emotional Intelligence coach.

This program will also help participants to develop their own Emotional Intelligence and to coach their clients on 15 different dimensions of Emotional Intelligence. The participants will learn several coaching tools and techniques which can be used to increase emotional intelligence and the participants will be able to confidently handle coaching assignments on Emotional Intelligence. This program will not only build the skills to become a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach but also to differentiate themselves as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach in the marketplace.

Learning Objectives

a. Learn about Emotional Intelligence
-Understand what Emotional Intelligence is.
-Understand the different emotions and their impact.
-Learn about the Emotional Intelligence Model and Dimensions.

b. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
-Understand your Emotional Intelligence through the EQ Assessment.
-Understand your strengths and development areas.
-Develop an action plan to improve your emotional intelligence.

c. Learn the foundations to become an Emotional Intelligence Coach
-Increase the Awareness of self & clients.
-Build and sustain trust and intimacy with clients.
-Learn to facilitate learning and results for emotional intelligence.

d. Learn to coach for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
-Learn the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders.
-Learn the important EI factors that predict inspiring leadership.
-Learn to use the right question, develop an action plan and commitment plan.

e. Learn Emotional Intelligence Coaching Skills
-Learn to coach others for Self Management
-Learn to coach others for Self Expression
-Learn to coach others for Interpersonal Skills
-Learn to coach others for Decision-making
-Learn to coach others for Stress Management

Target Participants

-Trainers and Facilitators who want to learn Emotional Intelligence Coaching
-EQ Certified Professionals who want to learn Emotional Intelligence Coaching
-Coaches who want to learn Emotional Intelligence Coaching Tools

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