A well designed program that helps a participant apply the key learning’s in his/her organization during the course itself. The case studies and different models of organizational diagnosis are very thought provoking and help us get a clear idea of dealing with different and difficult situations. To sum it up- though a theory based course, a very practical oriented and well structured program. Mr.Ragland is an expert in OD and there are no doubts uncleared and no questions unanswered in a session! I feel his thorough knowledge helps him be so composed throughout the sessions and he never leaves a participant unattended. The insights shared by him during the case studies and discussions have been really helpful. From the time the session starts in the morning till it ends in the evening he maintains the same energy throughout and I feel that is very important since it keeps the participants engaged and lively. A very approachable facilitator. – OD Consultant

I found the program to be very useful. It just peeled the onion on many aspects of OD and helped me to develop into even more better OD practitioner. I find the program to be very relevant in today’s context of HR where one of the important priority of organisations is engaging & developing multi-generational, diverse workforce in most effective way. Ragland the facilitator has been very effective in conducting the program. He brings in rich HR experience in diverse organisations into the workshop. The concepts were explained in simple and clear terms with right examples. The exercises, activities were effective in driving the required learning. He ensured that everyone was engaged, involved and participating. – Head – Human Resources

There are 2 parts to learning OD – Designing OD Interventions and Implementation. The available courses in India are exhaustive, running up to 12 months and also expensive. This course fits right in the centre! The course is for 6 months and is affordable. The program covers the design part of the OD beautifully. Somebody, who wishes to quickly up-skill themselves from an HR or L&D professional, this course will help them. – Head – Learning & Development

The whole program is well designed, and the learning’s from the program is what is OD. What are the various methods/models of an OD process. How can it be implemented in our existing company. The effectiveness of OD & change management are deeply been explained. The Emotional Intelligence Report was an eye opener wherein the areas which need to be looked into was highlighted The most important thing which is amazing in this program is the way the whole program is designed. We are divided into groups and we are able to exchange our views. The case studies are very relevant and informative which gives us a broader view of the subject. Worth spending the cost. I personally developed my skills after attending the session. Thanks Ragland for all your support and guidance. – Head – Human Resources

Very productive. Models Insight/Understanding. Relevant Assessments. Lots of information to study- related material Encouraging Coaching sessions. Loving the content material associated with my current secular role. Knowledgeable SME. Able to connect with participant inputs & provide insight. Very encouraging. Matured facilitation. – Head – Organization Development & Performance Management

Lots of relevant material is shared. Intervention & activities gives you an experience on how to use these tools. Coaching sessions made me self aware & make development plans. After joining this course, I have changed the way I look & conduct training sessions. Great facilitator with lots of ideas & knowledge. Loved the method of facilitating. – Head – Consulting

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