PhD Guidance

The PhD or Doctoral program is the highest level of academic achievement that can be reached by a person. The path to this achievement takes time, efforts and cost and requires significant resilience and perseverance. The PhD is a significant achievement leading to contributions to both theory and practice and establishes a person as an authority or expert. The path taken by a PhD student is a transformational and creative path as it leads to the transformation of the student and can take creative twists and turns ultimately leading to a unique contribution. This journey is for anyone across age and all it requires is a passion to contribute and the tenacity to stick to the journey to reach the ultimate goal.  While the PhD supervisors are the ultimate authority for a PhD / Doctoral student, they also need support from an external PhD Guide. The external PhD Guide plays several critical roles to enable the student to complete their PhD journey successfully.

PhD Topic and Proposal – Support for choosing the right topic for research and developing a PhD proposal.

PhD Thesis Chapters – Support with writing, formatting, critiquing, and evaluating the chapters of the thesis including the Literature Review Chapter, Research Methodology Chapters and Data Analysis and Interpretation Chapters.

Research Methodology Training – Training on Research Philosophy, Quantitative and Qualitative research designs.

Data Analysis – Support with PhD data analysis using SPSS and AMOS for Quantitative analysis and using NVivo for Qualitative analysis.

Editing and Proofreading – Support with complete editing and proofreading for the PhD thesis.

The above are just indicative areas of support, and our focus is on providing complete support to enable a student to achieve their PhD Dream. Our PhD guides have completed their PhD / Doctoral programs in international universities and bring academic and corporate experience to provide  integrated guidance to the PhD students. Write to for more information.