Rajiv Chelladurai

Armed with over two decades of experience in leadership and execution roles across esteemed Financial and Telecom conglomerates; I quit my corporate career and chose to pursue my purpose of ‘S.I.T. – Speak, Inspire, Teach’ through an organisation I set up in 2017 called ERGOS MIND.

Ergos Mind specializes in transformation that focuses on individual internal change to bring about external organisational impact. By planning strategic bespoke training modules, customized interventions, workshops and coaching for Senior and Middle level management; Ergos Mind focuses on bringing about ‘inside-out’ transformation rather than ‘outside-in’ change. ‘Ergos’ is a Greek word that means ‘faithful execution of a task’. Hence, Ergos Mind aims to inspire thought processes that lead to impactful execution.

In addition to what I do through Ergos Mind, I’m also a certified Employee Wellness coach and have initiated a program called ‘Ergos Life’ which focuses on fostering holistic employee wellness within organisations. Employee wellness has a direct correlation to employee productivity and organisational growth.

Having authored two books and with the third one on the way, my passion lies in imparting guidance and counsel to individuals as a Wisdom Coach through my writing and lifestyle.