I had the opportunity of doing my EQ-i 2.0 certification from Dr. Ragland. He was knowledgeable and extremely organized. The one-to-one process provided opportunity to interact and draw from his rich pool of experiences. It was truly a delight.

Monika Divekar – Executive Coach

Ragland is an excellent Trainer /facilitator of learning when it comes to EQi 2.0. His style of conducting the classes in an exploratory fashion and free flowing conversations makes it lively, engaging and most of all , deepens the learning. He is flexible in designing the classroom sessions to accommodate the time constraints of the cohort. Overall, Ragland provides an outstanding learning experience. I recommend him for anyone considering EQi 2.0 certification.

Vijayakumar Rajagopal – Executive Coach

Ragland was my coach and trainer for EQ-i 2 certification. He is a master in this subject. More importantly he was able to bring practical insights to ensure that the learning was fun and easy (even though we were doing this virtually). He is always willing to help and support beyond the prescribed curriculum.

Rajiv Khanna – Executive Coach

Dr. Ragland’s EQ i2.0/EQ 360 training was amazing ! I can take the skills and knowledge I gained from this training and utilize with my clients to help them not only understand and improve their emotional intelligence but to empower them to be the best that they can be. Ragland, as a facilitator, embodies patience, thoughtfulness, and brings extensive experience to the table . I heartily recommend him without reservation!

Hema Vidhya – Executive Coach

I had the privilege of getting trained by Ragland during my EQi certification. He is an exceptional trainer who exactly knows what is expected of him and customizes his approach accordingly. His understanding of EQi and its applications is fantastic that helps him in explaining complex concepts in simple language. He is an easy-to-approach person who is forever ready to help I wish him all the success in whatever he does.

Girish Mehta – CEO & MD

I recently attained my EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 (emotional intelligence) Certification through MHS. During this endeavor, I had the privilege of encountering Dr. Ragland, a remarkable coach and facilitator. His exceptional skills and expertise seamlessly orchestrated the entire process, and he exhibited great diligence and patience in elucidating any queries I had.

Mridusmita Talukdar, AVP – Talent Development

Ragland is one of the best facilitators i have come across in my HR career till date. The expertise he demonstrates while coaching or explaining complex topics like emotional intelligence is extremely commendable. This comes from his vast industry experience and skill of understanding people. His style of facilitating is very discussion- led and he has an impeccable knack of asking the right questions. I strongly endorse his credentials as a coach / facilitator.

Paresh Jain – Chief PeopleOfficer

I have attended the program ‘’ EQi 2.0 Certification’’ facilitated by Ragland Thomas. It was one of the best programs that I have attended. Ragland is outstanding facilitator who brings the best out of the attendees. This comes from his vast industry experience and his keen interest in people and their wellbeing. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the program at the same time continue to engage with him to become a better professional.

Sonali Banerjee – Country Human Resources Manager

Ragland was an excellent trainer and facilitator helping me with my EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 certification program. He managed the group very well and in a great interactive way. He has the ability to bring out the best from all the participants and the learning was so easy with his facilitation. He was managing all sort of requests from the group but still able to deliver such a tough concept but yet with ease. Thanks Ragland for your dedicated help.

Santanu Banduri – HR Director – MANE

I received training from Mr Ragland Thomas in the EQ-i 2.0 certification program. I thank him for his extra-ordinary dedication to participants’ learning, excellent facilitation, great sense of humour and enthusiastic guidance. He scores high on empathy and even conducted one-on-one sessions for training us and for clarifying doubts. Emotional Intelligence (EI) and success at workplace or in life is highly correlated and inseparable. I am happy to recommend Ragland’s EQ-i course.

V.Narasimhan – Head of Learning and Development

It was quite an enriching experience undergoing EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Global certification program , it equips you with all the resources you need to administer, interpret and debrief the EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, EQ Leadership and EQ Group reports. I really appreciate the way Ragland handles the course content and the facilitation of the various questions that come from the participants. I am looking forward to using the comprehensive EQ-i 2.0 report to coach for business and leadership development.

Nidhi Lal, Executive Business Coach

Got to know Ragland as his participant in Certified OD Practitioner course. He is extremely diligent, humble and a thorough professional. With his warm nature, he is able to build trust with his participants. He was well prepared for all the workshops and explained the concepts with his real-life experiences. He is a great listener and is able to influence the participant group. As an internal learning consultant, my OD journey began with his guidance. Thanks Ragland for being a mentor and guide!

Saurabh Kale – Talent and Leadership Development Leader

It has been definitely an interesting journey understanding the layers of Emotional intelligence and learning not what just constitutes the components of EQi 2.0 but also getting coached to interpret the reports on EQ-i 2.0 Self Assessment, EQ 360, EQ Leadership and EQ Group Report results. Ragland ensures to make the learners comfortable not just with the terminologies, but the interpretations, and to become a confident assessor.

Sanjukta Ray, Learning & HR Business Partner

Ragland is an excellent Coach, Mentor and Facilitator for OD and Leadership. He comes with vast experience and exposure in the entire gamut of HR & OD. I underwent the OD Certification program conducted and facilitated by Ragland. I found the program to be extremely useful and the expertise of Ragland in OD – Change Management , Organization Behavior, Diagnostic tools, Intervention tools etc was a great value add for me.

Shyam Patlolla, Global HR/OD Professional, Netherlands

I attended CODP course in 2020 and found it very extensive with all relevant models and concepts. Ragland’s delivery style was simple and evoked lots of discussions which brought many a AHA moments for us participants. The sessions were very informative and value add to my experience and knowledge. Would rate it as one of the best programs I have attended so far and definitely recommend to all OD practitioners.

Bijoy Francis – Head – Human Resources

Ragland is a great facilitator, he has an amazing ability to connect to humans at a deep level which is a big differentiator. He is a master of EQ with extreme humility and offers a lot of flexibility. Each interaction with Ragland teaches one a lot. I have enjoyed my sessions and discussions beyond my session a lot with him. Thank you for being so humble in your approach and encouraging for certification
Wish you the best.

Tulasi Pochampally – Senior Director – People Operations

The OD Practitioners Program was a lovely program in terms of skill development, knowledge enriching and experience sharing. I felt you are an awesome coach and the way you make people think in amazing. The program covered the complete aspects of OD – 360 degree view and most important, readily usable models and templates made it absorbing. I would give full marks to the course and would recommend this program strongly.

Krithivasan Rajagopalan – SAP Consultant

The Certified OD Practitioner Program was a fantastic program, Ragland is a very good coach and a mentor, and the program content was very relevant and useful. The peer learning environment and individual focus from the facilitator were excellent. Each session was highly interactive and each participant had the opportunity to share and learn from each other. The program had practical and easily implementable OD Tools which was useful for me in my work.

Rathi Amanath – Learning & Development Manager