The Certified OD Practitioner Program was a fantastic program, Ragland is a very good coach and a mentor, and the program content was very relevant and useful. The peer learning environment and individual focus from the facilitator were excellent. Each session was highly interactive and each participant had the opportunity to share and learn from each other. The program had practical and easily implementable OD Tools which was useful for me in my work. Please continue doing a great job!

Rathi Amanath – Learning & Development Manager

Thank you Ragland for a wonderfully engaging series of sessions on OD. The flow of content was really helpful for a Consultant to understand the process of Consulting with questionnaire, practical models and framework. The insightful aspect of each session, was the discussion on case studies from HBR, connecting concepts and real time business scenario. Learning concepts on culture and change were the most interesting learning for me, where a Consultant is cautioned on emotional sensitivity while implementing these. Above all, discovering ourselves, our Emotional Quotient, was very reflective. Thank you once again for a great learning journey. Hope to be a part of more such learning programs.

Sindhu Ashok – OD Consultant

Excellent course on OD and learnt very practical insights to manage change. Few concepts I could implement immediately which has helped in managing current work situation well. Unlike other courses it’s not text but very practical. Small batch size gives a very focused attention of the faculty. A course we all must do. Thank You Ragland for all the learnings I got.

Ruchi Dhawan Sharma – Head Human Resources

Expert in the discipline of Organization Development, Ragland’s sessions keep you informed with the latest best practices in the industry. The sessions are very engaging, enjoyable and most importantly informative.

Peteula Gayle – Training & Development Officer, Bank of Jamaica

The OD Practitioners Program was a lovely program in terms of skill development, knowledge enriching and experience sharing. I felt you are an awesome coach and the way you make people think in amazing.

The program covered the complete aspects of OD – 360 degree view and most important, readily usable models and templates made it absorbing. Some of the ideas are already in practice. Course is very structured and the way you drove the conversation and how you picked up and elicited from each and everyone of us was a great learning. You brought lot of energy to take all us through the learnings.

The assignments during the course has helped to get hands on and think from an OD practitioner shoes. I would give full marks to the course and would recommend this program strongly.

Krithivasan Rajagopalan – SAP Consultant

I attended CODP course in 2020 and found it very extensive with all relevant models and concepts. Ragland’s delivery style was simple and evoked lots of discussions which brought many a AHA moments for us participants. The sessions were very informative and value add to my experience and knowledge. Would rate it as one of the best programs I have attended so far and definitely recommend to all OD practitioners.

Bijoy Francis – Head – Human Resources

Ragland is an excellent Coach, Mentor and Facilitator for OD and Leadership. He comes with vast experience and exposure in the entire gamut of HR & OD. I underwent the OD Certification program conducted and facilitated by Ragland. I found the program to be extremely useful and the expertise of Ragland in OD – Change Management , Organization Behavior, Diagnostic tools, Intervention tools etc was a great value add for me.

Shyam Patlolla, Global HR/OD Professional, Netherlands

The CODP Program helped reinforce critical theoretical and practical concepts in OD which we sometimes take for granted. Learning is continuous. With an eclectic blend of case studies and course work, you are forced to think differently. Participating in programs like these helps to keep our foundations strong, so we are more prepared to handle initiatives in our organizations

Learning Manager

It has been definitely an interesting journey understanding the layers of Emotional intelligence and learning not what just constitutes the components of EQi 2.0 but also getting coached to interpret the reports on EQ-i 2.0 Self Assessment, EQ 360, EQ Leadership and EQ Group Report results. While this looks overwhelming in the beginning, Ragland ensures to make the learners comfortable not just with the terminologies, but the interpretations, and coaches you step by step to become a confident assessor. It was possible to have healthy discussions on revelations, on behaviours and ensure a healthy and practical takeaway from every session

Sanjukta Ray, Learning & HR Business Partner

Lots of relevant material is shared. Intervention & activities gives you an experience on how to use these tools. Coaching sessions made me self aware & make development plans. After joining this course, I have changed the way I look & conduct training sessions. Great facilitator with lots of ideas & knowledge. Loved the method of facilitating.

Head – Consulting

Very productive. Models Insight/Understanding. Relevant Assessments. Lots of information to study- related material Encouraging Coaching sessions. Loving the content material associated with my current secular role. Knowledgeable SME. Able to connect with participant inputs & provide insight. Very encouraging. Matured facilitation.

Head – Organization Development & Performance Management

Got to know Ragland as his participant in Certified OD Practitioner course. He is extremely diligent, humble and a thorough professional. With his warm nature, he is able to build trust with his participants. He was well prepared for all the workshops and explained the concepts with his real-life experiences. He is a great listener and is able to influence the participant group. As an internal learning consultant, my OD journey began with his guidance. Thanks Ragland for being a mentor and guide!

Saurabh Kale – Talent and Leadership Development Leader

There are 2 parts to learning OD – Designing OD Interventions and Implementation. The available courses in India are exhaustive, running up to 12 months and also expensive. This course fits right in the centre! The course is for 6 months and is affordable. The program covers the design part of the OD beautifully. Somebody, who wishes to quickly up-skill themselves from an HR or L&D professional, this course will help them.

Head – Learning & Development

It was quite an enriching experience undergoing EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Global certification program , it equips you with all the resources you need to administer, interpret and debrief the EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, EQ Leadership and EQ Group reports. I really appreciate the way Ragland handles the course content and the facilitation of the various questions that come from the participants. I am looking forward to using the comprehensive and customizable EQ-i 2.0 report to develop tailored emotional intelligence programs and to coach for business and leadership development.

Nidhi Lal, Executive Business Coach

A well designed program that helps a participant apply the key learning’s in his/her organization during the course itself. The case studies and different models of organizational diagnosis are very thought provoking and help us get a clear idea of dealing with different and difficult situations. To sum it up- though a theory based course, a very practical oriented and well structured program. Mr.Ragland is an expert in OD and there are no doubts uncleared and no questions unanswered in a session! I feel his thorough knowledge helps him be so composed throughout the sessions and he never leaves a participant unattended. The insights shared by him during the case studies and discussions have been really helpful. From the time the session starts in the morning till it ends in the evening he maintains the same energy throughout and I feel that is very important since it keeps the participants engaged and lively. A very approachable facilitator.

OD Consultant

I attended the OD conference in 2017 where Ragland was invited as a speaker. He not only brought a wealth of knowledge and industry experience into his sessions but also made the content easy to digest for someone relatively new to the field like me. In addition, he helped create a dynamic and interactive learning environment for the participants where we all learned a lot from each other. I appreciated Ragland’s wisdom, professionalism and passion in this field.

Sr Human Capital & OD Professional, USA

The program has been an eye-opener for me in terms of how one can easily structure a change in an organization. Moreover the format of this program has an amazing blend of digital and social learning where you learn from real-life experiences from peers and from a coach who is sitting in another corner of the world. It has been a truly inspiring and enriching journey and I feel lucky to have earned a coach and mentor for life.

Learning and HRBP Leader

The first thing that strikes about Ragland is that he is very composed at all times. His knowledge on HR matters is very strong and well grounded. If he does not know about the topic (Very rare), he will admit the same, research about it and will provide the required information or solution afterwards. There has never been a question or query left hanging. He is very empathetic and will listen to all inputs (Even if they are wrong) and will only then put forward his opinion in such a way as to not point out the error to the person, but more to think about the answer themselves. This way, he fosters all discussions to be more participative. He also has a wonderful knack of adapting to unforeseen circumstances and reach a solution that is needed. Never have I seen him falter at any incident. He is also humble and encourages everyone to follow the same.

Talent Management Professional

The whole program is well designed, and the learning’s from the program is what is OD. What are the various methods/models of an OD process. How can it be implemented in our existing company. The effectiveness of OD & change management are deeply been explained. The Emotional Intelligence Report was an eye opener wherein the areas which need to be looked into was highlighted The most important thing which is amazing in this program is the way the whole program is designed. We are divided into groups and we are able to exchange our views. The case studies are very relevant and informative which gives us a broader view of the subject. Worth spending the cost. I personally developed my skills after attending the session. Thanks Ragland for all your support and guidance.

Head – Human Resources

I am so fortunate that I got to learn from such an innovative leader and humble a coach. From the very beginning of the HRBP program, I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes and always looked forward to learning something new in each session. Ragland always facilitated an encouraging environment where there was an open exchange of ideas regarding the current trends, best HR practices and sharing each other’s career experiences. All training activities were exciting, and they widened my perspective on human resources functions and responsibilities! Through the HRBP program, Ragland helped me in becoming an efficient and more confident HR professional.

HR Business Partner – USA

I found the program to be very useful. It just peeled the onion on many aspects of OD and helped me to develop into even more better OD practitioner. I find the program to be very relevant in today’s context of HR where one of the important priority of organisations is engaging & developing multi-generational, diverse workforce in most effective way. Ragland the facilitator has been very effective in conducting the program. He brings in rich HR experience in diverse organisations into the workshop. The concepts were explained in simple and clear terms with right examples. The exercises, activities were effective in driving the required learning. He ensured that everyone was engaged, involved and participating.

Head – Human Resources

Ragland Thomas was my trainer and guide for the entire period of almost 6 months during which I completed my OD certification course. He is an OD professional with exceptional commitment and passion for the subject. A good listener and superb communicator, Ragland can strike a chord with his students and audience with professional ease. His understanding of the subject further flows from the fact that he was a practicing manager with renowned corporations before taking a plunge in to academics and hence has an encouraging penchant to relate theory to practice. His sessions come alive with debates, analyses, vigorous discourses on cases in a beautifully created space of friendship and openness.

Sr General Manager – Human Resources